Title Published Date
Our Halton 2018 September 2018
Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington March 2018
Calculating a Living Wage for Halton - 2016 Update May 2017
Community Hubs in Halton February 2017
Seniors: Loneliness and Social Isolation March 2016
Challenges Facing Youth Transitioning to Work December 2015
Social Profile of Halton Region 2014 December 2014
Where We Live Matters September 2013
Calculating a Living Wage in Halton - A Discussion Paper April 2013
Action on Poverty Profiles January 2013
Youth Confidence in Learning and the Future: Mobilizing Youth as Agents of Change in Milton May 2012
Profile of Newcomers in Halton February 2012
Annual Reports December 2011
Honouring the Voices of Marginalized Communities: A Participatory Research Experience June 2011
Report Cards on Poverty in Oakville May 2011
Incomes and Poverty Report - Burlington March 2011
Changing Faces – Profile of Burlington Newcomers November 2010
A Recovery Free Zone: The Halton Bulletin November 2010
Seniors Roundtable Discussions: A Community's Path to an Age-Friendly City April 2010
Changing Faces - Profile of Oakville Newcomers January 2010
Economic Recession: Impact on Oakville Serving Agencies January 2010
Poverty in Ontario: Failed Promise and the Renewal of Hope December 2009
Social Profile of Milton 2009: A Changing Social Landscape October 2009
Social Profile of Halton 2009 April 2009
A Social Profile of Burlington 2009 March 2009
Aging Actively in Burlington November 2008
A Legacy for the Future: An Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy June 2008
Halton Community Conversation On Poverty Reduction: MPP Consultation June 2008
Pushing The Limits: Challenges of Halton’s Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Labour Force March 2007
More Than a Roof: Best Practices for Transitional Housing Models for Homeless Youth in Halton January 2007
A Social Profile of Burlington January 2006
Social Profile of Oakville - An Overview September 2005
Report Card on Child Poverty 2005 May 2005
Inclusive Cities Canada - Burlington: Community Voices, Perspectives and Priorities March 2005
Developing the Diversity-Competent Organization March 2004
Funding Matters: A Warning and An Opportunity December 2003
The Quality of Life in Halton - Snapshot of a Decade August 2003
Building Inclusive Communities: Cross-Canada Perspectives and Strategies April 2003
Growing Up Black in Oakville March 2003
Building Hope Together: Strategies for Creating Housing in Uncertain Times March 2003
Halton Official Plan Review: Embracing Smart Growth - Which Path? January 2003
Growing Old in Burlington December 2002
Employment and Employability Needs of the Deaf Community in Peel and Halton Regions October 2002
Halton 211 Feasibility Study June 2002
A Profile of Literacy Skills and Needs for Halton January 2002
The Voluntary Sector & Volunteers: Building Our Future Together November 2001
Access to Capital: Issues for Micro-Entrepreneurs in Halton - A Discussion Paper July 2001
Hidden Faces of Poverty June 2001
Hidden Faces of Poverty - Video June 2001
A Social Profile of the Halton Visible Minority Population February 2001
Report Card 2000: Child Poverty in Halton November 2000
Oakville: An Audit of A Community in Transition September 2000
Halton Social Profile 1999 September 1999
Halton Food Bank Study: Alternatives to Dependency March 1999
Social Assistance Reform Act: An Information Package December 1998
Meeting Human Need: The Impact of Funding Restraints on Halton Agencies January 1997