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Burlington, June 18, 2001 – The Hidden Faces of Poverty is the name of the aptly titled report that documents the facts about poverty in Halton as well as the testimonies of fifteen people living in poverty in Halton.

Issues brought forward in the report include:

  • Income Security – Gillian’s Story “I make $400.00 a month working. Social Assistance gives me $740.00 per month… My family’s needs are not being met. I have to say ‘no’ to my kids… We have used food banks and you feel degraded going into one… My kids have not done anything to deserve this.”
  • Affordable housing – Anna’s Story “Affordable housing in Halton is the big issue for us… We have had to live in places that are in bad condition… I pay $890 a month for rent. We have difficulty paying for a lot of things, just meeting the basic needs…”
  • Child care – Helen’s Story “I’m on the waiting list for a child care subsidy. I can’t even get day care right now… I want to get a good job… I need my day care.”

Mary, one participant in the study explains: “I think what we are doing right now is a positive step because to share our stories is getting the real facts out. The government is very good at distorting the picture, so we really need to work hard to let people know about the reality.”

A video, based on the report, featuring five of the participants telling their personal story is also available. To obtain a copy of the report and/or video please contact the Halton Social Planning Council and Volunteer Centre at (905) 632-1975.

For further information, please contact:
Lynne Russell, Social Planner or Joey Edwardh, Executive Director
Community Development Halton

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