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Burlington, November 13, 2001 – Success is the only way to describe the recent day long conference held by the Halton Social Planning Council and Volunteer Centre. Entitled The Voluntary Sector and Volunteers: Building Our Future Together, the Open Space style session brought together representatives from agencies, non-profit organizations, police services and government to strengthen the community’s voluntary sector.

Joey Edwardh, Executive Director, of the Council, advises that “Our role is to support the efforts of our local agencies and organizations. This conference brought together a wonderful cross section of people, and collectively, we identified issues and mapped out a blueprint for building competencies to strengthen our sector. The voluntary sector is vital to the prosperity and well-being of the community.”

It was clear that the conference garnered support from all levels of government. Minister of Citizenship Cam Jackson provided a morning welcome to delegates. His Ministry provided the funding for the program under the umbrella of the Community Summit initiative. A lunch hour address was given by Halton Regional Chairman Joyce Savoline who noted that “…the collective process that participants were engaged in spoke to the importance of the program and the contributions of the voluntary sector towards building a healthy community.” Chairman Savoline also gave a keynote address at dinner.

The evening program, which included guests from the corporate sector, was dedicated to a presentation on Ontario’s Promise.

For more information about the voluntary sector in Halton and how to participate in future planning processes, please contact Joey Edwardh, at the Halton Social Planning Council and Volunteer Centre at 905-632-1975.


Book of Proceedings of November 8, 2001 Conference
Letter Accompanying Book of Proceedings
Summary of November 13, 2001 Follow-up Meeting to Conference

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Joey Edwardh, Executive Director
Community Development Halton
Email: office@cdhalton.ca
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