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Burlington, April 26, 2010 –  The social and economic value and contribution of the nonprofit sector to the prosperity of Halton communities has never been in doubt, yet as executive director Joey Edwardh commented, “Demands created by demographic growth and the economic recession, on top of years of project funding practices, have pushed the sector to the limits where it precariously balances between sustainability and disaster.”

Community Development Halton is pleased to learn that based on a series of discussions with nonprofit, private and public sector leaders, a white paper will be prepared under a collaborative initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It will:

  • Review the framework, both structural and legislative, within which the province’s nonprofit organizations operate;
  • Look at innovation and examine the most innovative methods and approaches embraced by nonprofit organizations;
  • Examine research models of partnerships between the government and the nonprofit organizations from other regions;
  • Seek ideas and suggestions from nonprofit organizations on how the government can assist better the sector.

Laila Eiriksson, President of CDH, stated, “If we are committed as a society to create caring communities which respond to human needs and respect and include all members of these communities, this small step of a white paper that will assist the nonprofit sector is coming at a critical time for Halton communities.”


For more information, contact:
Dr. Joey Edwardh, Ph.D.
Executive Director
(905) 632-1975

PDF Version of release

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