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February 14, 2001 – The Halton Social Planning Council has released a new report, A Social Profile of the Halton Visible Minority Population. The purpose of this report is to provide information that can be used by a range of interested parties to develop the capacity of visible minority workers to find and keep jobs. The report identifies and specifies the socio-economic and labour market characteristics of the visible minority population in Halton using 1996 Census data and describes some of the barriers that visible minorities experience in finding employment.

The visible minority population living in Halton is well educated, likely to be employed and to have adequate income, as is the majority of Halton residents. Compared to Ontario visible minorities Halton visible minorities are likely to have been in Canada for a longer period of time and more likely to speak English at home. Employment and income outcomes are good. However, median employment income is less for visible minorities than that of non-visible minorities in Halton, which raises important human rights questions as to why. Significantly, Halton visible minorities have better employment incomes than Ontario visible minorities. South Asians are the largest visible minority group in Halton while Chinese and Blacks make up slightly less.

The primary barriers to finding employment for visible minorities in Halton are those faced by many recent immigrants, although most recent immigrants to Canada do not first come to Halton. These include barriers such as the limited ability to speak fluent English, lack of Canadian experience, transportation, limited or no recognition/acceptance of work experience outside Canada, difficulty in getting accreditation for trades certificates and university degrees earned outside Canada and lack of knowledge on how to deal with racism and sexism, especially in the workplace.

The full report is available by contacting the Council.

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