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Please prepare a Volunteer Position Description for committee chairs, committee members with specific duties, and for other volunteer positions as needed.

Ideally, a Volunteer Position Description is provided to the prospective volunteer before he/she is asked to make a commitment.

    1. Name or title of the volunteer position
    2. Brief general description of the position, including:
      – Purpose and how it relates to the goals and objectives of the organization.
      – Primary responsibilities
      – Expected results
    3. Qualifications required to perform the job well (Skills, knowledge, and/or experience; include physical requirements, if any)
    4. Time required, including:
      – Number of hours per week/month
      – Length of commitment
      – Expected starting date
    5. Name of person to whom responsible
    6. Support system provided by the organization:
      – Budget
      – Meeting space or other space provided
      – Orientation/training required and by whom provided – Staff person assigned to work with the volunteer or group (if applicable)

Click here to view a
Sample of a Volunteer Position Description

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