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Connections Among Generations

Connections Among Generations is a one-year outreach intergenerational project, working with schools, retirement homes and other groups to write letters, create artwork and deliver messages of hope and kindness to older adults who live alone in Halton.

Due to COVID-19, we know that many older adults are facing challenging times and may be experiencing a loss of social connections with friends and family. As a caring community, we would like to offer words of hope and encouragement.

We are seeking to engage people of all ages, including students, families, and older adults to contribute messages of kindness, caring and hope, which will be collected and distributed in the Good Food Bags, provided by Food for Life, to over 800 older adults every month.

Please Get involved!

  • Contribute by writing letters, cards, poetry, and creating artwork for older adults living alone. You can include crossword puzzles and word searches!
  • This is a great opportunity for high school students to complete their required volunteer hours.

Students Earn Volunteer Hours

Each letter, card, poetry, story, or artwork created will be counted as ONE hour of volunteer service towards the required volunteer hours for your high school graduation.

It is important to demonstrate that you have taken the time and effort to create message of kindness. Please be aware that the seniors who receive your kind messages will not be writing letters back to you individually, however they may send a card or letter thanking your school for all of the wonderful encouraging messages they have received.

Email your letters, poetry, stories, or pictures of your artwork to: seniors@cdhalton.ca

Arrangements can be made for individuals if they prefer to drop off their letters, etc., or to be picked up at a central location.

Guideline – Helpful Hints & Tips

  • Start your letter, card, artwork, or poetry by addressing it: Dear friend, or To a special friend.
  • In finishing your letter, card etc., please sign with your first name only.
  • If you are typing a letter, please make sure to use 14 or 16 font size. Fonts that work well include Arial, Calibri, and Verdana. This will make it easier for older adults to read.
  • You can share your thoughts in a letter about things that are important to you, such as your favourite hobbies, sports, subjects in school, foods you like, your pets, and your family and friends.
  • You can create your own story if you wish.
  • Use encouraging words in your letters and cards, such as: joy, hope, cheerfulness, friendship, beautiful, kindness, caring, happiness, etc.
  • Many older adults enjoy artwork which can be created with the use of crayons, coloured pencils or paint.
  • If you like to create crossword puzzles and wordsearches, many seniors really enjoy these! Make sure to also include the answers.

For more information about this exciting project please contact us by email at seniors@cdhalton.ca, call 289-348-1503 or visit Age-Friendly Halton at www.cdhalton.ca

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