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Memory Visiting Volunteer: Spend just one hour a week – to chat over coffee, work on a painting or craft, go for a walk or play a game – that’s all it takes. Your focus on a lonely Senior can help them remember what it is like to be valued and cared about. Their smile when they recognize you at the door can warm any winter chills away. Clients in the Memory Visiting program are in need of someone to remind them that they do matter, and to remind them of why they matter. Ask about their interests & their abilities and then use this week after week to guide your conversations and your activities. This volunteer position is ideal for anyone who wants an easy way to make someone feel special and could also be an ideal experience for anyone entering a career in supporting or helping people.

No experience is required – just compassion and joy. Education about mild challenges with memory, resources for activities, networking opportunities and support for you and your client from the program Care Manager is always available.

Apply to Memory Visiting Volunteer >>  to send in your interest in this volunteer position.

Friendly Visiting Volunteer: Volunteers always needed for lonely, isolated Seniors – some who do not speak English.
One visit per week can bring a lonely Senior a huge sense of worth and happiness, and something to look forward to. Seniors who are isolated, often find their recall of daily details is frosted over. A little social contact can melt that ice and bring warmth to you and your new Senior Friend.

Visit a socially isolated Senior in their own home.

Apply to Friendly Visiting Volunteer >>  to send in your interest in this volunteer position.

Contact: Francine Savelson, Volunteer Coordinator, Acclaim Health; Phone: 905-827-8800 ext 2329; Email: fsavelson@acclaimhealth.ca

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