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International Volunteer Manager’s Day (IVMD) is on November 5. Celebrated since 1999, this day recognizes and celebrates the incredible work volunteer managers do in mobilizing and supporting the world’s volunteers. Today, Community Development Halton celebrates you and the excellence in volunteer engagement you bring to your organization and to our region.

This year, the theme is “What is Excellence? – Pushing Us Beyond the Ordinary.” The past 18 months have pushed many volunteer managers beyond the ordinary. Leaders of volunteers have adapted, adopted, and innovated to meet the unique challenges of maintaining connections at a time when most connections were discouraged to keep people safer and healthier.

Volunteer engagement is a young profession: as a paid role it has existed for about fifty years. And volunteer engagement professionals often downplay the importance of what they do and how they do it. This year’s IVMD theme offers an opportunity to highlight the value YOU bring as a volunteer engagement professional. Excellence in volunteer engagement isn’t all about policies, procedures, number of volunteers listed in the database, and the like. Excellence in volunteer engagement is about connections: creating spaces, places, and experiences so delightfully human that total strangers can only see themselves offering their precious time and talent to you and your organization.

The result? Change for the better: for our communities and for themselves.

This is excellence in volunteer engagement: it is what each volunteer manager in Halton Region does every day. Community Development Halton sees you, thanks you, and celebrates you, today and every day.

Thank you for all that you do!


Heather Johnson
Director, Volunteer Halton

Please share! On Friday November 5th, we invite all organizations in Halton to celebrate their Managers of Volunteers.
Managers of Volunteers of Halton we invite you to share your experiences, and talk about “What is Excellence? – Pushing Us Beyond the Ordinary” with hashtag #IVMD2021 and mention @VolunteerHalton on Twitter and Facebook.

International Volunteer Managers Day  volunteermanagersday.org

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