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Community Lens #165 – Rental Housing – 2019

Community Lens #165 – Rental Housing – 2019

This Community Lens looks at rental housing data for Halton in 2019. Halton’s vacancy rate for private apartments stands at 1.9%, below the 3% vacancy rate generally considered the minimum for a healthy rental market. Halton also has the highest average monthly rent...

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Vol. 24, #4 – We’ve Made Some Progress in Reducing Poverty: We Can’t Stop Now

Vol. 24, #3 – Ontario Budget 2019: It Doesn’t Need to Be This Way

As I move throughout Halton’s community of social and health agencies, I am aware of the anxiety and sense of vulnerability enveloping the sector. I feel the immense weight on the shoulders of my colleagues as they contemplate increasing need for services from a diverse and growing population combined with deep cuts to the service provided by their agency. They know that people will suffer.

This Community Dispatch shares David Thornley’s thoughts on how this budget doesn’t have to be this way. David is a colleague who has worked extensively in both government and the nonprofit sector and is a policy advisor to the Social Planning Network of Ontario.

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