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Social Planning

Helps the community identify strengths and challenges and determine ways to improve the quality of life for residents in Halton.

Community Dispatch

Vol. 13, #2-14 – Canada Votes Series

Canada Votes Papers 2008 The federal election is on October 14, 2008. Use Canada Votes Papers 2008 to help spark dialogue about social issues in Canada and put them on the public agenda. On October 14, 2008 Canadians will come together to choose the direction of...

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Vol. 4, #1 – The Quality of Life in Halton 1998

October 1999 The Quality of Life in Halton has fluctuated over the past ten years, as the accompanying chart indicates. It has never fully recovered from the recession and its corresponding difficulties that were encountered in the early 1990s. The score in 1998 was...

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