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Social Planning

Helps the community identify strengths and challenges and determine ways to improve the quality of life for residents in Halton.


Social Profile of Halton Region 2014

Social Profile of Halton Region 2014

The Social Profile of Halton Region 2014 captures the changing social portrait of the community. It highlights the socio-demographic characteristics of the community as a whole and its population sub-groups (e.g. children, seniors, families, immigrants and low income population).

Where We Live Matters

Where We Live Matters

“Where We Live Matters” is an exploration into what we already know about neighbourhood development, what successes exist and what challenges continue especially in these changing and turbulent times.

Calculating a Living Wage in Halton – A Discussion Paper

Calculating a Living Wage in Halton – A Discussion Paper

This report documents the process and data used in the calculation of a living wage for Halton Region. It is intended to initiate a dialogue on the concept of a living wage in the context of poverty reduction. It also provides an opportunity for discussion of the...

Action on Poverty Profiles

A new series of profiles on the reality of poverty in Halton’s electoral ridings titled “Action on Poverty” from Community Development Halton. The reports are part of a larger series of 53 profiles, one for each riding in the GTA and Hamilton coordinated by the Social...

Developing the Diversity-Competent Organization

The workshop, Developing the Diversity-Competent Organization, took place January 22, 2004. About one hundred individuals from Halton and Peel were in attendance. The event was presented by the Social Planning Council of Peel and Community Development Halton in...

Report Cards on Poverty in Oakville

This series of three report cards, prepared on the behalf of the United Way of Oakville, provide an overview of poverty as it affects three population groups: seniors, newcomers and families. Follow the links below to read more: Report Card on Poverty – Oakville...

Profile of Newcomers in Halton

This document researches and reports on the immigrant population in the Halton community, available settlement services and the capacity of the service providers.