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Social Planning

Helps the community identify strengths and challenges and determine ways to improve the quality of life for residents in Halton.

Social Planning activities

  • Social Research
    Undertake independent research on social trends, needs and issues relevant to a variety of constituencies in their communities.
  • Community Development
    Facilitate and support positive change in partnership with community groups and individuals.
  • Systems Planning
    Provide planning that ranges from definition of service needs to coordination and evaluation of program and service delivery.
  • Policy Analysis & Collaboration
    Provide community focal point for mobilizing those groups most affected by issues into working and problem solving partnerships, information networks and action coalitions.
  • Policy Analysis & Development
    Provide access to both professional and voluntary expertise on a wide range of social, economic and cultural issues enables us to provide sophisticated policy analysis and research-based proposals to public policy-makers at the local, provincial and federal levels.
  • Convening & Facilitating
    Provide a non-threatening “meeting place” for discussion and resolution of difficult community issues. Facilitate the building of community consensus on issues and/or shared actions.
  • Community Awareness & Education
    Promote broader and deeper community understanding on social development issues which affect certain groups or the general quality of community life.
  • Advocacy & Social Action
    Serve as a catalyst for change. Advance the interests of marginalized sectors of the community by advocating specific policy positions to government.


Further description of Community-Based Social Planning. Developed by the Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO)


Community Data Program

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