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August 2006

Community Development Halton (CDH) has conducted a survey of human services agencies in the nonprofit sector in conjunction with the Regional Chairman’s Joint Roundtable on the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector. The data collection period for the survey has just ended but some of the preliminary findings relevant to the work and focus of the Regional Chairman’s Roundtable are reported here. Preliminary Survey Findings (1) (Community Dispatch, Vol. 10, No. 8) released earlier provided a profile of the employee base of in the survey respondents in Halton’s nonprofit human services. This offers a first overview of the volunteer base in the Halton nonprofit human services as reported by survey respondents.

It was anticipated that agencies responding to the survey may not have as specific and precise information on their volunteer involvement as they would for their employees. Only 20 (29%) respondents report that they keep a volunteer database with detailed demographic information on their volunteers. This is indicated by the number of agencies that did not provide detailed information on their volunteer base (12 out of the total 81 agency respondents).

Given the higher probability of recorded information on volunteer numbers and characteristics, therefore, agencies were asked to provide their best estimates on numbers of volunteers for many questions, if they did not have the exact information.

NOTE: Due to the use of graphics in this Community Dispatch, it is only available as a Acrobat (PDF) file.

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