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Community Development Halton (CDH), established in 1984, is an organization that operates 2 major programs: Social Planning and Volunteer Halton. It has in the last several years also been host to Age-Friendly work, an example of a role it has played over the years of incubating new initiatives in the community.

Early in 2019, the Board and staff began a process of examining the role of CDH in the community in a process of re-visioning with a view to the future. The method that was used is a group conversation process known as World Café (in this case, the sessions were called “Possibilities Cafés”.) Considerable time and energy went into internal discussions among and between Board and staff, and it was in late June that CDH decided that it needed to be able to factor into its decision-making the current perspectives of the community it serves prior to deciding on its future.

Full Report (PDF)