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Community Lens is a series intending to disseminate and interpret important community data as it becomes available. Initially, Community Lens was created to focus on results from the 2006 Census as this information became available. Subsequent issues have covered subjects such as population, age and gender, seniors, voter turnout, housing, poverty and immigration.

I trust you will find Community Lens useful as an important resource for your work in the Halton community. As new issues are produced, members of CDH will receive a hard copy as a membership benefit. Electronic versions of Community Lens can be found here. If you have any questions or comments regarding this publication, please feel free to contact me.

Ted Hildebrandt
Director of Social Planning


image of community lens 137 This Community Lens looks at the growth of the visible minority population in Halton.

Download Community Lens #137


image of community lens 136 This Community Lens looks at unsuitable housing in Halton from the 2016 Census, which identifies households not meeting the suitability standards.

Download Community Lens #136


community lens 135 This Community Lens looks at core housing need, which identifies households not living in, and not able to access, acceptable housing.

Download Community Lens #135