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July 2006


As part of the Halton Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Labour Force Study, a profile of the human services sector labour force has been developed (Community Dispatch Vol. 10, #3 and Working Paper #2). The labour force profile helps us to understand better the workers in this important but invisible sector.

This issue of Community Dispatch looks at the labour force profile of a different group of workers in the recreation and sports area. Although the study does not include this group in the human services sector, the contribution of recreation and sports to personal well-being and social support is undeniable. This paper highlights four socio-demographic characteristics (gender, education, full/part time work and employment income) of the workers in this occupation group. The labour force profile on the recreation and sports group is compared with the profile of those working in the nonprofit human services sector in Halton.

In addition, this paper also summarizes some of the issues of concern facing the nonprofit recreation community identified and discussed in focus group meetings.

A full profile of the labour force and discussion of the issues of concern are provided in Working Paper #3 of the study.

NOTE: Due to the use of graphics in this Community Dispatch, it is only available as a Acrobat (PDF) file.

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